"Thank YOU and all of the other teachers and guides that made yesterday such a wonderful experience."
"All of that stagnant energy is on the move."
"Yesterday was a wonderful coming home to yoga's physical practice. It was a great way to get back into my body, to reclaim its strength."
"I felt safe."
"I definitely came out of these experiences feeling more grounded and calm."
"That workshop definitely opened my mind and spirit."
"I especially appreciated the chakra clearing-the imagery, shapes and colors are emblazoned in my very core."
"I had no idea hypnotherapy would be so powerful, but I think it really affected me and I hope to work with it some more in the future."
"Thank you so much for organizing and bringing the whole day together and for being a beacon of light."
"I experienced vivid visualizations and have been feeling an incredible energetic/vibrational luminance when memory of the day washes over me. The day was intense and the "opening," lasting."
"The workshop began a series of related experiences and events that have really begun to help me heal in a couple of crucial ways -- namely, experiencing and reacting to stress."
"Thank you and your healing team."