Helen M. Boland, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Helen Boland created this workshop series, Peace In Process, in 2006. As an educator, musician, and within her private practice as certified Holistic and Clinical Hypnotherapist and Transcutaneous Acupuncturist, Helen has realized the propensity of the human's natural ability to heal. Peace in Process has been created as an educational forum to: model, illustrate, and teach various healing modalities, including hypnosis (of course including self-hypnosis). This venue offers participants access to ancient knowledge which individualizes Self healing. With varying presenters and the gifts that they hold, as well as the inherent wisdom of each participant, each workshop is unique. Helen continues her research in mind/body connection, to teach, listen, to write and be with people in effort to aide in the healing of our planet one, by one, by one. . .

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Helen Boland