Helen M. Boland, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Helen Boland

Helen Boland, CCHT, has been helping others realize their potential for twenty plus years. As a child, Helen became aware of her own intrinsic healing properties. Just a little kid noticing life, as children wonderfully do, she realized that listening to the breath in the back of her throat sounded like the ocean that put her to sleep automatically...every time. Later discovering through martial arts that ALL living things and animals share that breath, a strong foundation was understood. We are all very connected through this rhythm of nature’s ecosystem. The tides, the moon’s phases, even the plants, exchange this rhythm of breath. Research led to more research until the ahhah: We are indeed photosynthetic beings. We simply need to remember that frequency and “ride” there... A Return. So, the health of One matters.

Our beautiful brains know how connect to the foundation of breath, even love to, automatically when given quiet. Again during childhood, colors spill across the landscape of Helen’s imagination during sleep state. Upon later adult research, ancient Egyptian color healing was realized as a part of her work. Helen is a researcher. She is studying, learning, and honing abilities of the human brain to heal the body using the unconscious mind as well as the brilliant map of the physical body.

Helen’s interest has always been in helping children. She was a tenured English teacher quite young in a rough neighborhood. She loved it and they loved her. Helen eventually stopped teaching to begin her family. During this period of joy in staying at home with her child, Helen continued her ongoing research of the brain, began her first book, and finally found alignment with a body of like-minded people. In 2005, Helen earned her first degree in Clinical Hypnosis through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Shortly thereafter, Helen began her workshop series, Peace In Process, to encourage a forum to educate the masses by teaching our many and various ancient modalities of healing.

Helen Boland recently published her first children’s book, “Color Shockers.” This first book (in a five book series), teaches children and their readers breathing and meditation. This joyful book subtly offers the readers color healing. Beautiful original art illustrates our connection to the spectrum of color all around as our foundation...a connection...a birth rite.

Helen continues to help others. Her beautiful Sebastopol office offers a safe space for one-on-one care. Her ongoing and client-led research gives innovative insight to help realign with our innate strength. We reclaim health and balance of mind and body. Within her office or ‘Peace In Process’, as a speaker or most recently, as a part of ‘Sonoma County’s Healers Network,” Helen continues to help create and teach and grow a community of higher consciousness. The beat continues...

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